March 24, 2010

Losing My Patience

Ok I changed my mind. I'm making Tortilla Soup. I know I said I would make Potato Soup but I noticed that I didn't have bacon. Some other day perhaps.
My house smells sooooo good right now. It is making me so hungry, which makes sitting here even harder. Twenty-five minutes until I'll be off filling up my bowl! Let the countdown begin!

So no news on the make-over. I wore some casual lounge clothes to school and happened to pull it off without looking like a total bum, so that's a plus.

I talked with the hubby tonight at our usual 6:30 e-date. There wasn't much to say on my end but he always finds things to talk about. I just miss being able to talk, any time while being able to look at each other. And by that, I mean in person, not via web cam! I don't know how army wives do it. My cousin's wife, who is probably in labor as we speak, is all alone. I can't imagine being alone like that, especially if I were pregnant. No thanks.

As you can probably guess, the letter didn't come today. I even had the husband check the post office who delivered his letter to see if mine had gone to my parent's old house for some odd reason. Nope. Nothing. Nada.
I am going to call. Tonight. Right after I write this. I just can't wait until Tuesday to find out that they sent it but it was lost in the mail or that they sent it to the wrong address. Goodness. Help me Jesus.

Well, I guess I'll be off then. I should probably call before I eat. The food will help me calm down if something goes wrong.
Pray for me, fellas!

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