March 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Do any of you really get into Spring cleaning?
I do. More like season cleaning for me though. I hate clutter. So when I see those papers stacking up or when I'm sick of the bed being where it is... I go at it! If my husband were home to see this, he would probably freak. I move everything and clean underneath (like we're supposed to). Things end up flying in all directions, including me. And I won't stop until I'm done. So if you attempt calling me and I don't answer, I'm probably attempting to move the bed, alone!

So with that said and it being Spring for about 10 days now, I have started The Clean. I have my little list to go through and have my lingerie drawer checked off, thanks to the inspiring e-mail from The Nest. Yep! I went through, almost with eyes closed, and threw out anything ratty, faded beyond reason, holey... yeah you can just imagine. I sucked it up and threw away those awesome striped socks that I still had from high school and that shot out white lace bra. It had to be done. To reward myself though (!) I went to Forever 21 and bought some new [greatly needed] stuff that I'm pretty sure Mr H will like too!

With that excitement over, I have the kitchen and the closet left. Doesn't sound like much right? If you were to open up the closet, you would want to close it back up again. It's full of boxes from the move that still have stuff in them. I have pictures without frames, curtains still to be hung, and much much more.
Any tips on where to find cute, cheap, medium sized frames?

Well I have an e-date with the hubby any minute now, so I'm shoving off! Peace!

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