December 10, 2010

Cold Weather? Not.

Growing up just outside Chicago, it was normal to see people wearing coats in November. By December most people sport mittens, hats and scarves. But all of what people wore made sense because of how cold it was outside. If it were above 60 degrees you might not have even spotted people in jackets, let alone sweaters or coats.

When my parents relocated our family south of the border, we couldn't believe that stores still sold winter wear. Who in their right mind would buy winter coats and boots this far south? Especially in Texas.
As the "seasons" changed, we understood why people in Mexico would buy thicker shirts and maybe even thin boots. With the climate dropping into the 30s (sometimes even lower), it would seem like 10 or 12 degrees. Having a house made of concrete, with no heat, it gets pretty chilly. The worse part was when it would get cold and rain. Now, I love rain, so don't think I'm shunning the rain or something. I'm just saying that when you have a freezing cement house that gets even colder with rain, it's not fun.

After being down here for four years, I think my blood has thinned out. It hits 55 degrees and I need to layer up and snuggle under blankets in order to get warm. I wince when I have to use the bathroom only because I don't want to touch the freezing toilet seat. Yeah. I think this is a sign that I need to move back up north. Needing a warm cup of tea when its barely 60 can't be good.

Maybe my situation calls for prayer. Just maybe.

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