December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

We had our 39 week appointment this morning. Felt a little weird scheduling yet another one for next week. I can only hope that baby comes before then.

Now, I know that I have pretty much the most amazing husband the world has ever seen. But today I noticed it like a slap in the face. The kind of slap that would say 'Be more thankful for him!'
I've been scheduling my appointments early in the day so that he can go with me. Thankfully he was there last week. I had worn my skinny jeans and with me not being able to tough my toes, I relieved that he was there to help. But today, I didn't have my skinnies on and can usually shimmy out of them pretty fast. But there he was, helping put my pants and shoes back on. So, to all you pregnant ladies out there, don't even think twice about bringing your hubbies with you to the doctor. Bring him along!

Christmas! How was yours?
Our Christmas was a nice, quiet day. Unlike the many years as kids, we weren't up at the crack of dawn, urging parents out of bed to open presents. Well, I was up. At 6:30 to be exact. For some reason I was wide awake. My mom thinks it's prep for when the baby comes. But all I could think of was "Am I going into labor?" Sadly I wasn't though.
Everyone was awake around 10:30, when we started to open gifts and chat with loved ones on the phone.
Marcos and I got some great gifts! The only thing I wish I could've gotten was baby, born.
We had a good dinner and took a drive to look at houses for sale.

Now, the year of the end approaches. It's hard to believe.

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