December 14, 2010

My Two Cents on Schooling

I have this sudden urge to buy a house up north. Somewhere like Oregon. Or Washington. Maybe Illinois.
Ok, I guess it's not "sudden," since I've been wanting to move for a while now. But I do have the urge to plan and plant a garden and build a chicken coop. My husband and dad are planning out the chicken coop for where we live now, so maybe I'll take some notes and pictures for the future.
I want to raise our baby so that it learns by means of "hands on." And what better way to do that than to have a garden and some chickens?
When I was in elementary school, my mom was involved in a co-op with other home school families. Oh yeah! I was a home schooler, for those of you who didn't know. So in this co-op of families, we would study a topic [along with our regular studies], and I mean really study. One time in particular I remember studying the American Indian tribes. In my grandparent's huge back yard we had a awesome tepee and each family made a traditional dish and so on. Everything we did focused on the Indians and their way of life. The four of us in my little family even attempted to sleep in the tepee. I will never forget those times.
So with all that said, I want to raise our little one to learn by going and doing, not by just reading out of some textbook.
I want to live within a few hours of museums and aquariums and zoos. I want to be able to go on tours of the Jelly Belly factory and even a brewery. [Yes, I did that as a kid.] I want to be able to travel with my kids to teach them things that they would never learn by sitting at a desk.
 Many people, and I'm sure hundreds have over the years, ask why on earth us girls were home schooled. Even our own family members probably thought we weren't as educated as other children or teens our age. I will even admit that in high school, I wasn't too pleased with my family's decision to keep me home schooled. But now that I'm older and about to have a little one of my own, I haven't [and won't] put too much thought into whether or not we'll be home school parents.
With all the issues there are these days with education and what can and cannot be taught in schools, I am much more confident that I can teach my kids what they'll need to know and more.
Not only are there issues with the schools but the homes as well. I have met so many girls, even ones my age, that don't know how to cook or do laundry. Can you believe that some girls in their twenties don't even know what green onions looks like to buy it in a grocery store? I for one have been cooking with my mom since I was two or three years old and love it now as an adult thanks to her. I've also been doing laundry and cleaning since I was seven. Now, I'm not saying that you should turn your kids into the servants of the house. I'm saying that for me, I learned that cleaning was fun and not just a chore. So now I do it with much more ease than a lot of other ladies I know.
So with that said, we are super excited. My hubby has even asked if he can buy some of the books [that we'll use to teach] now. And I will admit that I've wanted to say yes!

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