December 19, 2010

Preparing for Baby

Well everyone, I have been pregnant for 38 weeks now. Can you believe it? I can and can't at the same time. It's seems like I've been pregnant for a LONG time but it's stunning to think that this little baby who has been baking inside will be in my arms within a matter of days!
When I think about it, this baby could be born before my next doctor's appointment. Holy smokes!

Marcos is enjoying his new job and working A LOT! He was even given some of the product from the line to sample here at home. [He loved them by the way.]

The week has been good even though I didn't do a whole lot. I made Christmas cookies with my mom, which are nearly gone after she gifted them all. So I have a feeling that we'll be making more. I also will be making some meals to store in the freezer for when baby comes so that I don't have to be heading to the grocery store.
Sadly, most of the magazines and pregnancy websites suggest prepping for meals by buying frozen meals and such. But, ew. I have never been one to buy or let alone eat canned, boxed or frozen food/meals. [I hope this doesn't make me sound spoiled.] The only thing I can remember eating frozen as a child were perogies, thanks to Dad.
I hope to be making some chicken meatballs, sauces, maybe curry, zucchini bread... not sure what else yet. I know I want to have some pasta in the pantry along with a few other things. Do any of you have ideas?

I just want to be ready. Today we went to Target to buy any last minute baby things we thought we needed. The other day, we bought our crib mattress on sale [which was awesome]. Today we bought the changing pad and a few first aid items that we were lacking. We are also set with diapers and wipes.

Hopefully I will be able to write more this week.
Please comment with any meal ideas that we can freeze, or baby items we'll need that I haven't thought of.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I asked my Mom and she suggested: spaghetti pie, chili, lasagna, barbecues (prepare & freeze the meat.) :)