December 3, 2010

Last Trip

How was every one's Thanksgiving weekends? Did y'all eat enough?

We had a nice night in, just the five of us. I will admit that I was happy that we kept things small and simple this year. It was the first time in my life that we didn't have guests over.
The following morning we headed to San Antonio for a night so that Marcos could see something other than the valley. The first thing we did was head to IKEA. We were looking to buy a crib mattress from them but by the time I had it in my hands I didn't buy it. I was just to nervous that IKEA makes it's crib mattresses too thin and that the sheets would end up being too loose. So we ended up treating ourselves to a new set of sheets and a new duvet comforter cover.
With it being Marcos' first time in IKEA (which is my FAVORITE store of all time) we spent more time than we probably needed to. This caused us to miss the very moment that the Riverwalk was lit, which we had planned on being there for. Oooppps!
There were SO many people there and just there. I mean, in the middle of the streets. Just there. Everyone was there just to see this lighting event. Oh, and I guess it was Black Friday still.
With there being butt loads of people, we ended up having to walk a ways to the mall. Yes, the mall. We were heading to Tony Roma's for dinner.
After finally finding Tony's and eating, my sister wanted to duck into a store to see what kind of sales they still had. And that's when it happened! Baby moved into a position where I thought I was going to pee my pants.
I must have looked surprised or something cause my mom started to get a little jumpy, asking if I was going into labor. Ha. No. I just had to pee. BAD.
We asked a girl who was working there where the nearest bathroom was and can you believe, she had no clue. I wanted to scream! Not in an angry way, just in disbelief that someone who worked there didn't even know where to go. So I ran across to some techie store where Marcos was and we "ran" around (for me it ended up being semi-fast careful steps in order to not pee my pants) looking for the bathroom. We finally found it. Not too far but I mean... come on! The terrible part is that baby stayed in the position for the next day or so. I was constantly in the bathroom, worrying that I might not make it next time.
At first I was worried. But after getting my "updates" and reading about the changes for the up coming week, I realized that this was the new thing. Baby's head was pushing so hard on my bladder that I would soon be spending most of my time in that beloved room of the house.
Now it's slightly better, thankfully!
We had a nice time in San Antonio but couldn't really enjoy it too much with my constant need for a bathroom. (And a clean one at that!)
Sadly that was our last trip for a while. I can no longer fly or take long drives. In a way it's weird to think but I'm also super happy. It just means that I'm that much closer to having this little one OUT and in my arms!
I am all prepped now. The diaper bag and hospital bag is all ready to go. Just in case!
But I will have to write later today; I have to run. Doctor's office is waiting for me!

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