December 8, 2010

Our Week

Our week so far has been pretty swell.

We started out by taking a tour of the birthing center/maternity wing at the hospital, which by the way was awesome! The "normal" labor and delivery rooms were super cute and inviting. They also have VIP postpartum suits which were also nice. I knew about them before the tour and wasn't even going to ask how much more they cost, because well, let's just face it, we don't have the extra money. But I soon found out that I am already a VIP because of the OBGYN that I have. How awesome is that? So I'll have to think about it, whether I'll want to be moved or not. Something tells me that I'll be just fine staying in the labor and delivery room.
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Pretty nice though, eh?

Marcos got a job! He had an interview yesterday and they told him that they'd contact before the week was over so someone could go over the safety whatnots with him. So yay God!

Also, my belly has moved down! Which means I can finally breathe! The only down fall to it, ok well I guess there are two, are the fact that my bladder is being even more squished than before and that my belly pokes out of most of the shirts I have to make it look like I have a beer belly or something. I am NOT from the hamburger generation! So don't even think that.
It also means that I'm even closer to having baby OUT!

On our way home the other afternoon, we stopped at Ulta so I could buy a peel-off face mask. I somehow convinced Marcos to do it with me when we got home. It was super fun! He loved peeling it off in one huge piece. If the masks weren't clear, I most definitely would have taken pictures!

We have things planned for the weekend and I have yet another doctor's appointment tomorrow. So I'll try to keep you up to date on what's happening! I hope you readers from up north are staying warm! If you can, send some cool weather this way!
Thanks for your prayers!

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