January 29, 2010

Friday is my Make a Friend Day

Friday! At last! Where have you been all my life?
Today is my favorite day of the week... Ok maybe not. Saturdays are good and Sundays are ok except for lately. Those are the days I have to say good-bye for the week to Mr H.

I had a good today at school though. More people are starting to talk to me. One thing I'm not sure of though, is if I repel girls. No girls talk to me. Only guys. Why is this? On my way out today I passed a super tall man, all by himself. So I smiled at him. Just a normal smile, saying hi. So he stopped me to talk. In the four minute conversation we found out that his brother lives in the same town that I'm from and we talked about our classes. A funny thing though, me mentioned that he stopped to talk to me cause I have a pretty eyes and a nice smile. Ok. Thanks.
Then at the bank, the manager came up to me in line and asked if I was on my lunch break. Well, yes and no. I was just out of class, heading home. He asked if I'd ever worked in a bank. (No.) He told me that if I was looking for a job, to please go on the-banks-website.com and apply there. While we were talking, all these people in line turned and looked at me. Fine, but... can you say awkward?

I guess I must be glowing... any one know why?
I get to see the husband today!!!!!!! I guess I make more friends on Fridays. So don't even try on a Monday people. Haha! Just kidding.

Anyways, I must admit that things are ok right now. Super difficult not having the hubby here and I HATE it. I am crying less at night though.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Keep reading! Those papers are bound to come one of these days!!!

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  1. you make me laugh!! keep writing! it's great!