March 21, 2010

Shock Therapy

Have you ever peered into a nearby mirror, or looked up at yourself while washing your hands? Have you ever wondered who on earth the creature was looking back at you? And as you scurry as far from the mirror as possible, you think 'do I really look that bad?'
Well the time has come my friends that the blog and I must revive ourselves. Not only for the sake of those who see us but... oh goodness I sound ridiculous! Come on, I just don't want to jump back every time I see my reflection!
So with that said.
It's make-over time!

Ideas will be welcomed with arms wide open, so feel free to suggest products, styles, haircuts, pictures.... whatever it takes! Bring it on!


  1. Cool Eyes...

  2. You can find some basics at

  3. If you need a makeover I need surgery!!! You are beautiful!!!