January 18, 2010

Day Two

Day two. Yes this many days later and I'm just now writing day two.
I am going to count today as being day two because I cheated and  went home for the weekend.

Not much happened today. I am here all alone.
Just me. Sitting. Studying. Eating. All alone.

I finished my math homework for the week. Ha.
I'm also a little worried about one of my classes. I'm waiting for the book to come in the mail. Fine. But I have an assignment due on Friday and I need the book. Oooppss!
Well, we shall see what happens.

Talking with my mom today I realized that this is going to be very different than what most people have to go through. I don't mind being in school, as a matter of fact, I'm super excited to be getting on with this part of my life that I've been having to put off. What's going to be weird is, I know no one. I can't ask for friends advice on professors - who is better than the other and which one gives less reading. Simple things about town even, I know nothing. Luckily I know where the police station is, oh and Walmart. But as far as anything else, I'm going to need help.

So here I am. In a new city, in a new state, going to a new school, and I know nothing about anything or anyone here. Hm.
This is going to become very interesting.

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