January 5, 2010

The New Things of 2010!

Happy 2010!!!
Wow! Crazy, isn't it? It doesn't seem that long ago that we were freaking out about the new millennium. The bug. Now people are starting to freak out about the Mayan Calendar coming to an end.
How many of you are worried about the Mayan calendar being right?

Well I for one, am not going to to dwell on the 'ifs' of humanity. I have to much to keep my mind busy. Especially these next few years!
School starts back up in two weeks. I finally found an apartment and will be moving by the end of the week even though the papers haven't arrived.

Last night, after telling my husband about the new news I had on the apartment, he held me as I cried. As silly as it sounds, I am going to be very sad to move.
I am happy to be moving somewhere safer, somewhere closer to school. But without him at my side, [even for just a short time] things are going to be hard.

Growing up in different cultures, we have different norms. Things that are weird for one but not the other. But we're excited to do them together. We're especially excited for him to experience the states. Not all of the things are pleasant, but we'll have lots of fun learning from and teaching each other. So the littlest things will be fun. Learning how to pump gas, having carpet, receiving mail, etc.

There are so many new things he'll see and I just can't wait.
Oh please papers! Come now!!!

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