January 21, 2010

Day Five

Finally. My week is finally almost over. It seems like it has been crawling. I don't mind my classes. It just seems like it takes too long. The commute plus the class or classes each day. I don't have anything to do yet except homework after class so I just sit here.
I think I found a job so we'll see next week after my second interview.
When I had the first interview the lady asked me if Monday was alright for the interview and I just said sure. I can't believe I forgot; it's my birthday on Monday. So I have an interview on my birthday. If I get the job, it'll be a great topper to the day. If not, well we'll just see how I feel.

After being so bored here this weekend I think I'll be heading to see my hubby this weekend. It has been so awful without him. Sleeping is the worse part. Even getting into bed is a killer. I miss our pillow talk and him hugging me while we sleep. So you can imagine, talking to no one all afternoon and then not even at night plus sleeping alone. There hasn't been one night that I haven't cried. I might even burst into tears writing this. That is how much I miss him. So if you are the immigration officer reading this, I miss my husband. Please hurry up with the papers! This is killing me!!!

So I won't write to you until probably Tuesday. I will be way to busy enjoying my husband's company and then I don't plan on blogging on my birthday so... until then. Adios!

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