January 14, 2010

Day One

So here I am.

Day One in the states.

Yes, I've gone home to visit once or twice. But as far as living here goes - not so much.
So here I am in my cozy little apartment. Typing to you. The reader.
Wow. Is that pathetic?
I mean, I know no one. I've never lived in here before. I don't have friends here.
I bought a new phone, uhm yeah great. I have no one to call.
This shall be an interesting ride...

My sister is going to stay with me until the weekend is over. Tomorrow we're going to clear up some things at the school, look for a job [even though I'm going to talk to one of my mom's friend's ex-boss]. So yeah. Cool-ness.
What am I supposed to do now?

So dinner for tonight... Grilled cheese sandwiches [with two kinds of cheese] and tomato soup. Ha! So American. I guess I should go and prepare that laughable meal and pop in the movie.

Good evening, y'all!

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